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In Memoriam: Freddy Soto
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Can't get enough of Carlos Mencia on his new show? Here are links to exclusive video on our site:

Mencia Minute: Carlos goes off on popular culture

Animal Wrongs: Carlos says don't put your kids on the lunch tray.

The New Batman: Carlos prefers his Batman without nipples, thank you very much.

Jacko, Part 1: Carlos has a message for the Jackson jury.

Jacko, Part 2: The Jackson verdict gives Carlos an idea…

Potheads: Carlos has something to say about medical marijuana.

Reality Show Rants: Carlos reveals the secrets of reality show casting.

Ask Carlos: a new weekly feature where Carlos answers questions after the show. (But there will be no crying or hugging – this ain't Oprah!)

18 Years of Comedy: Carlos tells how he conned Comedy Central into giving him his own show.



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