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Profiles in Valor: Deputy Travis Junior
by | comments:


To: All Concerned Parties.

From: Lt. Jim Dangle, RSD.

Apparently this week, the VULTURES at the Comedy Central Channel are airing another episode of HEROES ON PATROL! (They still insist on calling it Reno 911!, which is a ridiculous name).

I'd like to nip any controversy in the bud — the incident involving myself, Travis Junior, Garcia, and the Bachelorettes with the enormous dildo — was filmed in a way that makes it look like our deputies were somehow encouraging the inappropriate behavior and/or nudity.

This is hardly the case. Our deputies work hard day and night to keep Reno relatively safe. That's what we do. Period, end of story.

It's not our job to get every single dildo off the streets — and frankly, I'm not sure why we'd even want to.

God Bless America,

Lt. Jim Dangle

Cc: District Attorney Scott Greenberg

Walter Chechekevitch, Sheriff

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