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Bring Back the Couch!
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A lot of people complain about hack stand-up comedy, but comedy writer Steve Rosenthal has actually done something about it: he's created the comprehensive guide. Some examples of what not to do:

2e "I was in Alabama recently…"

‚ÄúAnd let me guess… hmmm… were the people there stupid and inbred perhaps? The stupid incest Southerner joke was put to rest when Dennis Miller said, "There are people in Alabama who are their own fathers." That's it. It doesn't get any bigger or better than that.‚Äù

5d "Am I going too fast for you sir?"

“A typical trick is to pick someone up front to turn the audience against by making the person look really stupid, either by pointing out their confusion or by explaining the last joke to them. I know of at least two comics who poke fun of the same seat at exactly the same time during their acts.”

Read the Complete Guide to Hack Stand-up Comedy



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