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Upright Citizens Brigade In Central Park Welcome to the Comedy Central Insider!
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Former Time columnist and movie critic Joel Stein weighs in with his latest comedy movie list: The Five Most Overrated and Underrated Comedy Actors.

A sample:


3) John Belushi

Proof: The Blues Brothers

Exception that Proves the Rule: Animal House

Belushi‚Äôs two modes — laconic cool and unhinged energy — were electrifying, but it‚Äôs only funny in the way that it‚Äôs funny the first time you see someone get all coked up. The Germans-bombing-Pearl-Harbor-speech in Animal House is brilliant, but most of the time Belushi is nowhere near the material, just eager to throw food or chop things with a sword.


4) Michael J. Fox

Proof: Back to the Future

Exception that Proves the Rule: Teen Wolf

Behind the bland likeability, Michael J. Fox is a frustrated, restless, neurotic mess, ready to lash out at anyone in his way. When that subtext was outed –- by a short kid who can dunk when he turns into a werewolf –- the joke momentarily lost its subtlety.

Read the rest of Joel Stein’s Five Most Overrated and Underrated Comedy Actors.



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