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Video: Daily Show Headlines: RIP, Couch Bring Back the Couch!
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Dl_m5_wine_1If you're like us, you experience excruciating pain every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm. Why? Because The Daily Show With Jon Stewart isn't on. We try to fill the void with social activities, time with family, and sobbing quietly alone in a corner, but nothing works. Until now.

Starting Friday, July 29, DL Hughley will fill your weekends with a new kind of late-night show. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11, he'll have special guests, surprise drop-bys from his celebrity friends, a house band, and a bunch of other stuff we promise is funny. (The CC Insider will never lie to you.)

Watch a preview of Weekends at the DL, find out more about the show, or get tickets to a taping, here.



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