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Reno 911!: Jonesy's Jingle Profiles in Valor: Deputy Travis Junior
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(Every week, Lt. Jim Dangle sends out a newsletter from the Reno Sheriff's Dept. Here's the latest installment.)

To: All Concerned Parties
From: Lt. Jim Dangle, RSD.

Sir or Madam,

In the current installment of Reno 911! (Heroes on Patrol!), there is one particular shot where it seems as though Deputy Wiegel has inserted her thumb into my behind.

I stress the word SEEMS, because although Deputy Wiegel and I work closely together, her thumb has never actually entered my behind.

Yes, it has come CLOSE. Very close, in fact. Shockingly close, on occasion.

But we are professionals, and despite any of Deputy Wiegel's foibles, she is a hardworking, reliable member of our team. (Especially since her new anti-psyhotic meds kicked in.)

All of us at the Reno Sheriff's Department make a concerted effort to keep our thumbs and fingers OUT of our co-workers.


James Dangle, Lieutenant
Cc: District Attorney Scott Greenberg
Walter Chechekevitch, Sheriff

You can sign up to receive Dangle's newsletter every Tuesday, here.

Here's some new Reno video:

Paintball war is hell, and Deputies Junior and Garcia find themselves in the sh*t.

Deputy Raineesha Williams talks about why she joined the force.

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