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Roast Countdown: 5 Days… Preview Weekends At the DL
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Penn Jillette, Sarah Silverman, Billy the Mime and Paul Provenza at the premiere of The Aristocrats.

The most anticipated comedy movie of the summer opens nationwide this week, and if the publicity-coup ban of the movie by AMC Theaters is any indication, it's going to be hilarious. The movie is just a bunch of comedians (including Sarah Silverman, Bob Saget, Jon Stewart, a mime, and the South Park boys) telling the same dirty joke over and over, each one telling their own twisted version. Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) and comic Paul Provenza made the movie, using digital footage taken over several years.

The Aristocrats official website. (Includes a letter from Penn Jillette and a sound board.)

Cartman tells the joke. (warning: this site is very offensive/adult)



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