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Pamela Anderson Roast Countdown: 4 Days… Attention Comedy Dorks: Send Us Your Tips!
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First-person reports from Sunday night's roast of Pamela Anderson are in, and all of them mention Courtney Love's crazy behavior (the idea of Courtney roasting anyone is funny in itself.)'s Bill Simmons has an excellent report:

"Of course, Courtney ended up stealing the show, for better or worse — interrupting comedians during their monologues, throwing shoes at people, spilling drinks, stumbling around, mauling Kimmel on the sofa, screaming "Clean and sober for 12 months" after every drug joke about her, crossing/uncrossing her legs like Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" for the people in the first few rows, pulling up her blouse for the crowd … I mean, I can't adequately capture what happened. At one point, Tommy Lee was pouring himself champagne from Rodman's table, they looked at each other and both kind of shrugged. Imagine being so crazy that Dennis Rodman and Tommy Lee had to share a "Wow, she's nuts!" moment about you?"

The Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson premieres next Sunday at 10p / 9c.



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