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Paul Scheer on Weekends at the DL Cringe! Liam McEneaney Shares Jokes He Wrote When He was 17
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CC Insider favorite Mike Birbiglia gives a report of the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal on his website. Here’s an excerpt:

“At this point, I’m used to people messing with my name. I’m also used to having conversations with people in the TV industry who throw out a lot of generalizations. My manager introduced me to this guy he works with. And the 1st thing the guy says to me is “I think we may be able to do a Seinfeld thing with you,” which was fine, except that he hadn’t even seen my act. It’s like meeting a guy who’s holding a pencil and saying, “I think we may be able to do a Shakespeare thing with you.”

You can read more about Mike’s festival adventures on his website.

Also, Mike is preparing for a Comedy Central College Tour! If you’re in college and would like to be part of his street team, email him.



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