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"Kid Rock wanted to be here but he was stuck in a 20 year old." Pamela Anderson Roast Countdown: 4 Days…
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San Francisco:

Mike Daisey’s Monopoly

Nobody tells a better story than subversive comic genius Mike Daisey. He's performing his latest monologue, Monopoly, this Sunday in San Francisco. Monopoly is about "inventor Nikola Tesla and his war with Thomas Edison over electricity… Microsoft's historic antitrust lawsuit, the checkered history of the game Monopoly and ultimately the story of Daisey's hometown and its one remaining retailer: Wal-Mart."

Show: Monopoly!
Date: This Sunday August 14, 2005

Time: 7pm
Place: Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Price: $5
More information: 510.647.2949



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