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Free Tickets to Premium Blend – New York Live Comedy Event: San Francisco
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Not to blow smoke up our own asses, but how hilarious was last night's Roast of Pamela Anderson? Here's some of the online buzz:

The New York Times calls it "raucous, nauseating, and often funny."

The blog Productshop NYC has a list of some of the best quips from the night.

One blogger hated the roast, though, saying "I believe (Pamela) is owed a huge apology."

(We can't really think of a better endorsement than that!)

If you missed the roast, never fear! Here are this week's encore presentations:

Tonight, 9:30 pm
Tuesday, 2am
Thursday, 9:30 pm and 12am
Saturday, 1am and 3am (Uncensored!)



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