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Steve Byrne: Humble Pie CCP: DeRay Davis and Rod Man
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Comedian Steve Byrne's Comedy Central Presents special airs this Friday at 9p / 8c. Steve will be doing guest blog posts on this site for the rest of the week. Learn more about Steve here.

My own Comedy Central Presents, I can't believe it. It is single-handedly one of the most important events I have been a part of since becoming a comedian 8 years ago. I am very proud and flattered to have been asked by Comedy Central to be a part of the new season along with some great friends and wonderful comics. Recently, I made my own documentary film called 13 or Bust.

This really is the one thing I have done that I am most proud of because I did it on my own. My very own creation and its my baby. It is a film that I did about two years ago and I finally finished her up!

The premise of the film is that I wanted to encapsulate a night in the life of a stand up comedian in NYC. Like the Seinfeld movie, Comedian, minus taking a jet plane to gigs. So, I found out that according to most other comedians, that Dave Attell had done 12 shows in one night. So, I thought to myself, maybe we can do a film about doing 13 shows in one night at all 10 comedy clubs in Manhattan and that is exactly what we did. I contacted all the comedy clubs in NYC and asked them if they would play along. All of them, thank god, went with it. I worked on a schedule that would start at about 6:00 pm at The Comic Strip on the Upper East Side and end at about 2:15 am at The Comedy Cellar in the West Village. I did sets that averaged 15 minutes each and gave myself 15 to 20 minutes in between each set to get from one club to the next in a cab.

I wanted to show the frantic pacing of running from one club to the next, the cabs, the other comics along the way, all the different clubs, audiences, great shows, bad shows, basically a warts and all film. You really see me eat it at some points, badly. You also get to see me do really well. That really is what its like and we discuss it as well.

During the afternoon before the shows, I had lunch with Comedy Central alum's Bill Burr, Dov Davidoff and Robert Kelly. We filmed the lunch and discussed bombing, killing, girls, crowds, everything a comic may go through in a night of performing. So then throught the night, when something happened to me that we discussed we threw in the conversation piece at the appropriate time. That is honestly my favorite part of the film. First off, I love all three of the other guys, but I also love their interaction on the film. It's really mean, but so honest that it comes from a place of friendship. It's really neat to see.

So check out the trailer on my website, SteveByrneLive.Com. You can order the DVD off my site.

I spend a bit more time now in LA, so this film is even more special for me now to look at it and really appreciate the stand up comedy scene that is so wonderful and thriving in the Big Apple. So, check out a very happy moment in time for me, my own 1/2 hour special on Comedy Central, but see what its like to prepare for it on a nightly basis in my film, 13 or Bust!



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