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Breaking: Susie Felber Introduces Stan, the Manhattan Weather Mutt! Animator vs. Animation
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Sometimes something awful is something not so awful. Take these fake listings on the Something Awful website. My favorite so far is CANOE:

Some secrets are best left a forgotten secret.

Memorable Quotes:
Jennifer Gransom: She's gone!
Vic Lafferty: Megan?
Jennifer Gransom: That canoe…took her!
Vic Lafferty: A canoe can't kidnap someone.
Jennifer Gransom: (terrified whisper) This one can.

AMDB Trivia:
During shooting actor Joaquin Phoenix found a nest full of orphaned baby owls. Phoenix kept the baby owls in his shirt pocket throughout the shoot, pausing occasionally mid-scene to chew up a baby mouse and spit it through a straw into the waiting mouths of his adopted owls. A good eye can spot the owls looking over the hem of his pocket in several shots during the square dancing scene.

There's way more to see – check out the website. Thanks to Uncle Sloppy for the tip.



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