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Guest Blogger Mandy Stadtmiller: Rejection! Guest Blogger Mandy Stadtmiller: Just Say Yes
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Mandy_stadtmiller_m3 (NYC Comedian Mandy Stadtmiller will be guest-blogging here all week long.

You can read more of Mandy's special thoughts and find out where to see her perform, at her website.)

Mandy’s summer of Craigslist lovin’

Last summer I went on a rampage of Craigslist dating when my marriage was all like, "Um, see ya!" and I was all like making that little whispery hand-motion, "Call me?" and it was all like, "Um, maybe!" and I was all like, "It'd be a nice gesture if you took the time to call is all I'm saying," and it was all like, "Seriously, now I'm late," and I was all like, "I didn't want to make you late, and now I feel bad about that."

I believe the man who goes by the name of “Global Power,” AKA one of the suitors I talk about in this performance at The Bowery Poetry Club is still available. Lucky you.

Here's the video.



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