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Conan's Very First Show Swedish Cuisine, with Stefan Lawrence
by | comments:

Mostunprecedented Rented this classic over the weekend, and totally forgot how much fun this movie is. Now, it's obviously no cinematic masterpiece or anything, but man oh man, what a great premise. And some really subtle, funny touches I definitely didn't appreciate as a kid. Below, ten details I was most delighted to recall:

1) Ted's full name is Ted Theodore Logan. (Some may claim this is just a nickname. I choose to disagree.)

2) The spelling of "Wyld Stallyns." Brilliant.

3) Bill on time traveling for the first time: "That was most unprecedented."

4) Bill to Billy the Kid, after his first trip in the phone booth: "Billy, you are dealing with the oddity of time travel with the greatest of ease."

5) Billy The Kid teaching Socrates how to play football in the background as Bill & Ted talk about something important.

6) The gratuitously unnecessary "historical figures cleaning the house" sequence.

7) Freud totally cock-blocking Billy The Kid and Socrates at the mall.

8) Ted's little brother on why he ditched Napoleon at the bowling alley: "He was a dick."

9) Colonel Oates' Alaskan Military Academy for Boys. (Of course it's in Alaska.)

10) And of course, "Be excellent to each other."

I also learned something about ontological time paradoxes. Go figure.



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