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HARP Magazine has a new short interview up with Comedian of Comedy Zach Galifianakis. Topics include life on his farm, animal feces and his lack of confidence:

HARP: You’re really open about lacking confidence. Isn’t confessing that a sign of weakness for a comic?

I don’t think honesty is ever a weakness. Comics are supposed to feel like they’re in control of the stage but offstage, they’re really not in control. For a lot of comics, it’s a fake confidence… [like] a guy that lifts a lot of weights might have some morale problems deep inside of his vacuoles. I was never confident when I first started. I was always amazed that people could be confident [performers]. I just stopped caring what the audience thought. I would watch comics and I knew that a good comic led the audience versus kowtowing to the audience. Once I realized that, I just said “Well, I don’t know if this’ll work out but I’ll just do it anyway.”

Read the rest here.



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