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Interview: Aziz Ansari Can Do Whatever He Wants Get Your Tickets Now to See Jon Lovitz in 2032
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Only one more day until Knocked Up comes out. While you camp out in front of the theater, perhaps you'd like some reading material. Yesterday the Boston Herald had a profile of director Judd Apatow. Here's a tidbit:

To Apatow, his greatest
achievement is "Freaks and Geeks," the beloved cult favorite hour-long
TV series that ran for only one season in 1999-2000. The show, created
by Paul Feig and executive produced by Apatow, was followed by another
acclaimed but canceled series: "Undeclared."

a way, the movies are an extension of those TV shows," says Apatow.
"Some people have been saying, ’Do you feel like the reason these
movies ("Virgin," ”Knocked Up") are doing OK is because your work is
getting better?’ And I’m always like, ’No, I don’t think I’ll ever make
anything as good as "Freaks and Geeks.”’"

Read the full article here.



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