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Agony of Victory: Cheese Rolling It's Knocked Up Day In America
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"Knocked Up" featured a smorgasbord of talent so deep that even the deleted material is funnier than the entirety of many a Hollywood production. We're never above good penis and vagina jokes here at the Insider. Don't miss these two scenes that somehow missed the final cut:

Exhibit A: "Dr. Kuni Goes Wild"

Dr. Ken Jeong is a licensed practicing physician as well as stand-up comedian. You may have seen him in "The Office" e-mail surveillance episode or the "Kims of Comedy" tour with Bobby Lee, Steve Byrne and Kevin Shea.

In the first axed bit, on-call obstetrician Dr. Kuni gives a rant about gross anatomy to Katherine Heigl's character. Watch Katherine, Seth Rogen and male nurse Adam Scott try not to lose their collective s#%t when he invokes the intwatus. Peep the goodies on Dr. Ken's page.

(More after the jump)

Superbadmp Exhibit B: "Brokeback Mountain"

Jonah Hill, co-star of the upcoming Superbad (with CC Insider fave Michael Cera) is racking up quite a film resume of late with appearances in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Evan Almighty." He even rooms with Justin Long of "Accepted" and "I'm a Mac" fame.

See young Jonah's character chastising Ang Lee for his directorial restraint on his MySpace page (or scroll down on Dr. Ken's).

All hail the bit players!



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