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From The Desk Of Executive Insider – Fax of Life From The Desk Of Executive Insider – Tazed and Confused In The Hood
by | comments:

Here at the CC Insider, we get a lot of email from our users with valuable feedback on how we can stop f**king around and start giving the people what they really want to see. And let's be honest, we can't read every one, but every week we get some gems that we have to pass on to Executive Insider, our beloved leader for his thoughts. Every week on Thursday he'll be greenlighting some of your ideas*, so who knows, this could be your big shot!


"Yesterday I saw Bush at podium talking about Tony Blair and what he liked about Tony.  Bush said he liked that Tony really 'DOGGED' an idea. 'Dogged'?  Bush's POODLE?  Get it?  Hope you can use ." — Gale

Hi Gale! You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little woozy right now, I'm writing this from the secret Comedy Central training camp right now, where all the executives go twice a year to test our minds and bodies against the elements. All they let us bring are a knife, a flint, and a Blackberry and we have to fight our way back to civilization. My doctor said if I got stung by a jellyfish again, I'd probably lose 10 IQ points, but what does he know?

Anyway, thanks for your fantastic joke. I've always said that the secret to comedy is making sure to ask your audience if they "get it." I mean, how else are they going to know that you've made a joke? I swear, I spend half my day rewriting scripts for South Park, adding "get it?" after almost every line! You'd think by now they'd understand how to write a joke, but I guess some people just never learn.

"help me to contact the people i need to  2 chefs who are ready to rape and pillage to make a great show,,,, just kidding if you wanna play please contact for something new" — chupacabrameyer

Dear chupacabrameyer,

I'm going through my contact list right now, but I think you may have just found the people you're looking for… me! Not only do I "wanna play," but I'm 100% behind the idea of a show about two chefs and their adventures raping and pillaging. Have you thought about a name yet? For some reason, I'm thinking either "The Pillage People" or "Cookin' Up Some Rape" — but of course you'll have total creative control.


Well, it looks like we lost the connection to the Executive. We're sending out a rescue helicopter now, so hopefully we'll be back next Thursday. Please write in with more great ideas to, just in case!

* Obviously this isn't real. Obviously.

(Stuff we have to put here that is intentionally unfunny).

All e-mails are subject to Terms and Conditions. You may see a presentation which seemingly incorporates an idea or concept or includes materials similar to that contained in your e-mail. Any similarity may be purely coincidental and is always unavoidable in light of the volume of ideas which MTV Networks and Comedy Central routinely consider in the course of their program development.



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