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The Summer of Laughter '07: Summer Comedy Countdown: #3 Pyromaniacal Colbert Worries College
by | comments:

Here at the CC Insider, we get a lot of email from our users with valuable feedback on how we can stop f**king around and start giving the people what they really want to see. And let's be honest, we can't read every one, but every week we get some gems that we have to pass on to Executive Insider, our beloved leader for his thoughts. Every week on Thursday he'll be greenlighting some of your ideas*, so who knows, this could be your big shot!


"I would love to send this magazine to Jon and Steve They would absolutly crap themselves laughing at this magazine. It's titled,"PUNCH OUT the president and pals", Its for kids and has cutout dolls of them in their underwear!. Can I send this to Jon ?." — Kay

Kay, thanks for your great letter. I can't say it enough, but I absolutely depend on our fans to let us know what's on the cutting edge of comedy (eds. check in at!), in any form, from the Dee Dee Dee mobi-sodes you thought of between bong rips on Saturday morning, to the absolute avant garde in presidential satire paper dolls. Unfortunately, I am going to have to take a hard line stance on this, as we just can't take the risk of Jon and Stephen crapping themselves in any circumstances, and "PUNCH OUT the president and pals" sounds like we'd have to raise the Terror Alert level to brown, for sure.




HOW CAN I DO THIS….????" — Mary

Thanks so much, Mary. This is excellent news, as we've been tearing our hair out here on how to find out ANYTHING about bears at all. I personally have asked Jeeves hundreds of times, with no results (eds. It's true, we've actually seen him yell "Bears" at his computer). So, by all means, please fax over every scrap of research you can find on bears, anything and everything you can possibly find, no matter how seemingly inconsequential or incoherent, to XXX-XXX-XXXX (eds. Sorry, redacted. Don't worry, it was the number of the Pizza Hut down the street, anyway. He always gets those confused).


Well, it looks like the Executive's stepped out for a slice of delicious pizza. We'll hose the extra sauce off him for next week, so make sure to check back next Thursday. As always, please write in with more great ideas to!

* Obviously this isn't real. Obviously.

(Stuff we have to put here that is intentionally unfunny).

All e-mails are subject to Terms and Conditions. You may see a presentation which seemingly incorporates an idea or concept or includes materials similar to that contained in your e-mail. Any similarity may be purely coincidental and is always unavoidable in light of the volume of ideas which MTV Networks and Comedy Central routinely consider in the course of their program development.



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