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Quote of the Day: Mike Birbiglia Quote of the Day: David Cross's 7 Inches
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On her early work as a traveling Star Trek Character:

"Once, when a bunch of Klingons and a bunch of Vulcans were staying together at a vagabond executive suit. There was a confrontation because one of the Vulcans was gay. I don't remember what the confrontation was, exactly, but I think the Vulcan was a cross dresser in his real life. There weren't any physical fights, but there were cut downs, which is also what happens on Star Trek where the different cultures don't get along. I was a Bajoran, so I was asleep at the time.

"My roommate was a Klingon and he had to drive in his Klingon outfit. He was about six five and with his platform boots he was about six eight. He had to drive his car to El Monte, which is a less affluent suburb of Los Angeles, to do an opening for Jack in the Box. He had an older car and had to pull up in his total gear because he couldn't get dressed on site, and I thought that was funny. A space alien showing up in a 1986 Honda."



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