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Freaks and Geeks Cast to Reunite This Weekend Oh No He Didn't! Patton Fires Back
by | comments:

Pattons_bowl_origarticleThis is the actual KFC "Famous Bowl" that inspired Patton Oswalt to write an apocalyptic screed on The AV Club today:

"the mashed potatoes defiantly stood
their ground against the gravy, as if they'd read The Artist's Way and said, "I'm going to
be boring and forgetful in my own potato-y way!" The corn tasted like it had
been dunked in fake-corn-flavored ointment, and the popcorn chicken, breaded to
the point of parody, was like chewing a cotton sleeve that someone had used to
wipe chicken grease off their chin."

You really should read the entire thing. It's hilarious: Patton Oswalt eats a Famous Bowl

After the jump: video of Patton performing his infamous famous bowl stand-up bit.

"A failure pile in a sadness bowl":



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