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Here's one more gag to add to the pile of Internet April Fool's Day jokes. World of Warcraft announced the Bard Hero Class today:

The bard’s extensive Metal skill line grants the potent
transformational ability "I Am Murloc," as well as direct damage
effects like "Epic Solo" that will rock foes into oblivion while
powerful Indie debuffs such as "Tape Jam" and "Shoegazer" keep them in
check. If things heat up, the bard’s Punk tree can support the party
with a wide range of abilities, such as "Nonconformity," which dispels
fear, mind control, and similar effects, or "Mosh Pit," which briefly
boosts the group’s movement speed while its members stay within range.

I understand all of this about as much as I would understand a book on quantum mechanics written in Aramaic, but I can't help but smell some South Park influence in there, which ramps up the geek quotient even more. Click past the jump to see what I mean.



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