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South Park Scene Mixer Now Live Happy Birthday, Demetri Martin, Matt Stone, Jack McBrayer and Adam Carolla!

I don't know if there are actually aliens in the video that dude in Denver has, but one thing is for sure: There are aliens hidden in several episodes from the 12th season of South Park, and if you find them, you can win something:

Win a Season 11 autographed DVD in this cool promotion to celebrate all episodes
returning to the site.

Aliens. Maybe you've
seen them lurking in the background of a scene or hiding in plain sight, they
seem to be almost everywhere in South Park. The crew at South Park started
hiding the Aliens in the show all the way back in season 1. Not every episode
has an Alien, but you'd be surprised at how many of the spooky creatures are
hidden throughout the past 12 seasons. In the beginning it was just for fun and
an easter egg for fans, but this season we had a mission. In each of the first 7
episodes of season 12, we hid one alien somewhere in the show. If you are up to
the challenge of finding the cleverly hidden Aliens, and a
registered user over the age of 18, check out the rules of the promotion and start the
search for your chance to win.

Good luck!

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