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George Carlin Tribute Roundup George Carlin Quotes: Real, Fake and Likely
by | comments:

The Man Who Taught Me How to Curse

Being fairly young, I was still sucking on my mother's tits by the time George Carlin had made his mark. Nonetheless, the man influenced me a great fucking deal. George Carlin was the man who taught me how to motherfucking curse.

Carlin was a gateway drug to comedy's counter-culture past. Like Lenny Bruce, he fought for free speech, leading to arrest charges for his groundbreaking act. Like Richard Pryor, he held onto edgy material in the face of growing mainstream popularity. And like both of them, he consumed a shit ton of ill-advised substances while doing so.

But unlike both Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor, George Carlin maintained a steady stream of work for three fucking generations.

Staying up way past my fucking bedtime, far away from the prying eyes and ears of my parents, I still remember watching Carlin's acts on late night cable television for the first time. Despite playing alongside such tit-sploitation gems as Busty Cops and Busty Cops 2, Carlin never lost the aura of the forbidden.

It is hard to eulogize someone like Carlin without sounding like a patronizing cocksucker. Most eulogies require a certain amount of bullshit. And George Carlin was not one for taking the piss. He railed against religion, government, and everyday hypocritical cunts. So maybe it is unfair to portray him as a patron saint of the counter-culture. He was more complicated than that. But I hope he would be proud to be remembered as the man who taught countless insomniac children how to fucking curse like shit.

Cunt :-)

Thank You, George Carlin.

-Gonzalo Cordova

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