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Will Arnett's Bang, Blow and Stroke 7 Actors Who Should Play Bill Hicks
by | comments:

Let me start by admitting that the title of this post is not universal. Everyone on this list is a pretty lady, which means they're probably only hot to readers who are straight men or homosexual women, and for that I apologize. The simple fact of the matter is, I myself am a straight man or homosexual woman. That said, I'd definitely like to do hottest dudes someday. I'd also like to do a blog post about The Daily Show's hottest male guests at some point. Zing!

6. Angelina Jolie: Having Angelina Jolie on this list is like putting The Beatles on your list of favorite bands, right? It's a little too obvious, but essential nonetheless. What can I say though, she pretty much invented hot. Before she was born, every woman on earth looked like Alice from The Brady Bunch.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow: The cool thing about The Daily Show is you don't even need to see the guest to gauge her hotness. That's because Jon is a foolproof hot-o-meter, which I guess is technically a thermometer. So if you see Jon acting unabashedly giddy and suggesting his son date a guest's daughter, you can be pretty sure she's either hot or has a fever.

4. Rosario Dawson: There are only a few guests that have discussed both booties and ejaculate within the first 90 seconds of their Daily Show appearance. John Ashcroft and Jimmy Carter are probably the most notable and raunchiest. But I have to say, Rosario Dawson was probably the hottest.

3. Natalie Portman: She's been on the show a total of three times, but Natalie Portman was only hot twice. That's because she was only 17 the first time she was on and was just finishing up high school. Gross! Thank God she turned 18 a month later and became jaw-droppingly hot. Here she is at 23 talking about young women voters and inspiring crude ballot-box stuffing jokes from horny bloggers.

2. Eva Mendes: Again, you don't even have to see the guest in this one. Jon pretty much loses his mind over her. And who can blame him? I flipped out in a similar fashion the last time I watched one of her movies. Well, it wasn't a movie per se, so much as it was the inside of her house viewed from outside her window. Still, it was an Oscar-worthy performance.

1. Lara Logan: As far as Daily Show guests go, Lara Logan is a perfect storm of hotness. She knows more about world affairs than anyone in the current administration. She's blunt. She curses. She's got that accent. She curses bluntly in that accent about world affairs. Oh, and she's pretty in a way that makes me want to break my coffee cup against my face.



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