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Mitch Across America: Venue Details Steve Guttenberg Likes the Way You Eat
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Any viewer of The Colbert Report knows Stephen loves his iPhone. And it makes sense, because Stephen and the iPhone are a lot alike. They're unique, attractive, clever, and I wish I could have them both in my pants at all times. With that in mind, we've compiled the best iPhone-centric moments from The Report. If Apple adds Flash capabilities, maybe you can watch them on your iPhone. And then the universe will implode.

6. Tip/Wag: Science & Technology:
Stephen debuts the fabled double wag just for the recently announce iPhone.

5. The God Machine?: Weeks before the release of the first iPhone, Stephen re-introduces the other greatest device known to man.

4. Give Stephen and iPhone: Stiffed by Apple, Stephen reviews his imaginary iPhone.

3. March to Enslavement – iPhone: Our long national nightmare finally ends when Stephen finally gets his hands on an iPhone.

2. New Giant iPhone: Isn't it everyone's greatest dream to own a cellphone big enough to sleep on?

1. ThreatDown – Killer iPhones: I only hope my iPhone uses its kill-switch on me peacefully in my sleep.



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