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Charting the New Season's Comedies Zack and Miri Make a Redband Trailer
by | comments:

The current issue of Rolling Stone includes a tribute to the Big Lebowski titled The Decade of the Dude. The article tracks the film's various inspirations, includes interviews with its cast and documents the rise of the Big Lebowski from a box office nightmare (it was stomped by Titanic) to comedy cult classic. Which I believe I'll be watching tonight for free on Hulu.

John Turturro hints that he's been in talks with the Brothers Coen about a Lebowski  spin-off/sequel, featuring his Jesus character, for which I would trade in my left bowling ball to see that it gets made.

It was comforting to see a photo of Bridges in the Sweater, after his creepy turn as Iron Man's nemesis Obadiah Stane, and his startling admission: "I am the Dude."



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