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Eugene Mirman Is the News John Hodgman: More Information Than Boing Boing Requires
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Christian Finnegan talks about all kinds of boob. [College Humor]

Seth Rogen talks about playing "laid back losers." Why is it that anyone I relate to in movies is called a loser? [Independent]

Seth McFarlane and Burger King  collaborating on internet cartoon shorts. [Wired]

HBO gives internet celebrities another 15 minutes of shame. [Tech Radar]

This phone-booth comedy gig is pretty awkward, but not as bad as your run of the mill open mic. [BBC via Punchline]

Yet another study finds that self-deprecating humor gets you laid. Then why doesn't my "I have herpes," joke ever work on the ladies? [Punchline]

Back to school advice from comedians. My back to school advice: immediately punch the biggest person. Or is that prison? Whatever. Same thing. [Funny or Die]

Cheech and Chong together again. Now they have to take marijuana for their glaucoma and arthritis. Zing on their oldness! [Market Watch]

Margaret Cho talks tattoos. [Needled]

Stephen Colbert grants a Make-A-Wish request. [No Fact Zone]

The Bastion closes up shop. [The Bastion]

Sabrina Matthews tells us how to save money as a comedian. Now I just need to learn how to make money as one. [365 Gay]



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