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Burgeoning comedian Theo Von is no stranger to real life.
After formative stints on MTV's Road
Rules and America's Prom Queen he competed on (and blogged
) Reality Bites Back. His
latest creative venture,'s "Street Games"
is a series of competitions designed to showcase "totally useless (yet
delightful) human skills."

The other day, we
e-mailed Theo a bunch of questions about his life and he wrote us back…

CC Insider: Reality Bites Back
wasn't your first foray into reality TV. Can you talk about some of your
earlier experiences?

Theo Von: I was a castmember in
2000 on MTV Road Rules, which was a blast. I made some great friends and got to
ride around  America in a camper. Who doesn't want to take a crap at 75 mph everyday?  HOORAY AMERICA!

well, i was on Last Comic Standing Season 4 (Fan Favorite). Don't mean to too
my own horn, but BEEP BEEP.

CCI: Did you enjoy Road Rules more or
less than deciding who should be America's Prom Queen?

TV: Road Rules is more fun, because
you get to hook up with underage girls, and not just judge them, like i did on

CCI: Who was the most fun to hang
around with from the Reality Bites Back cast?

TV: Chris Fairbanks is so funny its
ridiculous. Bert Kreisher as well. Mo is sorta funny, but he needs to shave his
back. Donnell Rawlings is fucking funny.

CCI: Do you hang out with Kato Kaelin?

TV: I talk to Kato every so often.
He's on the run i think, so he's hard to get ahold of. He also hosts 'Who dun
it?' Murder mystery dinners around the country, so that makes it really tough
to catch up with him.

CCI: What would it take for you to eat
that much custard again?

TV: I would never eat that much
custard again, even if i was General Custard and the war depended on it.
Well… maybe then i would.

CCI: If you had to sleep with either
Chyna or Luenell, who would it be?

TV: Chyna, i like my women with big
vag's and on pills. I once saw her vagina eat a vicodin, and drink a glass of
water after.

CCI: Tell us about the videos you're
making for Atom.

TV: My friend Timmy and i do a show
called STREET GAMES. Its a series of games that we show up and create at
parks/malls/AA meetings around the country. Its random, and funny, but the
competitions are for real.

Click here for Theo's upcoming
tour dates.




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