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The Daily Show's First Post-9/11 Show John Oliver Doesn't Recognize American Independence
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Proof that Brian Regan brings people together. [Punchline Magazine]

DMX will fight anybody who says he isn't the biggest South Park fan ever. [Complex]

Britney Spears considers doing more (intentional) comedy. [Showbiz Spy]

John Malkovich talks about the Coen brother's new comedy Burn After Reading. [Coming Soon]

Katt Williams returns as host of BET Hip Hop Awards. [Market Watch]

Judy Fold interviewed in this week's A Tight Five. [Punchline Magazine]

As God is my witness, I will never fail linking to anything involving dancing Christians. [Videogum]

The same goes for videos from weird local news stations. [Best Week Ever]

I have two words for you guys; monkey and wedding… Monkey Wedding! That is all. [The Daily Telegraph]

There are a few sacred things in life. Conga lines are one of them. [College Humor]

Now that he's old enough for college, Charlie's parents tell him the truth. This reminds me of when I left middle school and my parents told me the truth about the whole not really loving me thing. [Funny or Die]

Some really good buzz surrounds BET's new show Somebodies. I am using this blog as a personal note to check it out. You can too if you want I guess. [Mercury News]

Victor Varnado, Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre, Baron Vaughn, and Marina Franklin are The Awkward Kings of Comedy. The show will be filmed and tickets are free. Check it out. [The Awkward Kings of Comedy]



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