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Seth MacFarlane Unveils Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy Oprah to Appear on 30 Rock as Self-Deprecating Mega-Guest Star March Continues
by | comments:

MSNBC, AKA the littlest cable news network, asks is it too soon to make 9/11 jokes? Their subtitle is "There's no rulebook stating when it's acceptable to laugh at tragedy."

Wrong again, MSM. There is a rulebook, but you're so busy asking your ponderous mainstream questions to notice. It's called Poetics of Comedy by Aristotle. Never heard of it? Ha! David slays Goliath again. This time, with Typepad.

Now, tomorrow, most of you will be at work wondering why the government hasn't given you the day off for 9/11, but me, I'll be celebrating my kid's first birthday. His name is Rudy*. We thought about Hussein, but it was too soon.

I mean, can you believe the nerve of my wife? Like she couldn't wait an extra day to have the baby? So selfish. I'm no expert, but it shouldn't have taken too much willpower to hold it in for 12 hours. Five years from now I'm going to have to take in little Twin Towers cupcakes to his classroom birthday party. Couldn't his birthday been ruined by some cool holiday like Arbor Day?

You like that? I just insulted my wife, my kid, the trees and 9/11. It's a frikkin' goldmine.

But really this question is 6 years 50 weeks too late. Living in New York during the attacks, I remember The Onion's lead-off story in their issue two weeks later: Hijackers Surprised to Find Selves in Hell. The death of irony was greatly exaggerated.

*The best 9/11-related joke has to be Joe Biden's unusually concise assessment of Rudy Giuliani: "There's only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11."



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