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Paul Scheer Does Entourage Charlie Murphy's Top 5 Chappelle's Show Sketches
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In this audio interview, Neil Hamburger talks about opening for bands
who's best songs sound like someone crapping into a bowl. [The Daily Iowian]

Barack Obama will return to SNL this weekend. This campaign is so ridiculous, he could go on and say, “pig in lipstick,” and get a laugh. [Google News]

Full House’s Dave Coulier claims You Oughtta Know was written about him. I wonder if Morissette thinks this is ironic/knows what irony means yet. [Globe and Mail]

Mike Epps wrapped production of his new comedy sketch show The Mike Epps Comedy Show and is shopping it around now. I think you should buy it. [Market Watch]

England's Channel 4 has a new sketch show with adult content but kids playing all the parts. I can't wait to hear these kids say "arse," "bugger," and of course, "habberdash." [Broadcast Now]

Interview with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair about their upcoming sitcom Kath & Kim.[LA Times]

In this Seth Rogen interview, the interviewer phonetically spells out each time Seth Rogen laughs. It's kind of weird, but also kind of awesome. [Belfast Telegraph]

Tickets are available for the Colbert Christmas Special, but I bet they won't be for much longer. [No Fact Zone]

McCain is a shitty roommate for asking Palin to live with him despite knowing nothing about her. [Funny or Die]

Patton Oswalt's graduation speech from kindergarten. [Patton Oswalt]

Zack and Miri make passive-agressive movie poster. [Videogum]



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