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Before They Get Stale: Neil Hamburger, Mike Epps and Molly Shannon 5th Annual New York Comedy Festival Site Goes Live
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Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, and Christian Finnegan wrote up lists of their top 5 Chappelle's Show sketchings. All of them having worked or appeared in Chappelle's Show, they have some interesting insight into their picks. Because I love all things list-y, I compiled a super list of my favorite parts of their individual lists along with their reasons for their picks. That is right. A list about a list. How meta is that?

Charlie Murphy's Favorite Sketches

He's Rick James! – This sketch connected w/ people on a universal level. It was extremely funny and a pivotal sketch for the show. It became a pop, iconic piece of work. It made Charlie Murphy a house hold name.

After the jump, the rest of Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, and Chris Finnegan's top Chappelle's Show sketches.

Charlie Murphy's Favorite Sketches Continued

World Series Of Dice – This sketch had all of the cast members including myself, Dave, Donnell Rawlings and Bill Burr and reminds me of the good old days when we worked together. A funny, nostalgic piece of work.

The complete Charlie Murphy List is here.

Donnell Rawlings' Favorite Sketches

Wayne Brady – Because I've never watched a sketch that could be so dark and funny in one scene, this sketch had that twist that made the show what it was.

Playa Hater's Ball – Because this was the last time I had hair on a Nationally televised show.

The complete Donnell Rawling's list is here.

Christian Finnegan's Favorite Sketches

Clayton Bigsby – After I got cast in the 'Mad Real World', I went in to the Comedy Central offices to do what they call a "table read", which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  On that same day, they were reading the Clayton Bigsby sketch.  I remember thinking, "Wow, this is hilarious.  But I wonder how funny it will be once the censors carve it up."  Much to my surprise, the sketch aired exactly how I remembered it. Huge, huge balls.

Racial Draft – What makes Chappelle's take on race so remarkable is that it's simultaneously nuanced and fearless. Most racial humor is lazy-it's the same hack stereotypes you've heard a thousand times before. Either that, or it's so 'safe' that it resembles nothing people actually experience in the real world. But Dave attacks stuff with such confident specificity, it looks effortless. He's kind of a comedy Obama-you watch him and you say to yourself, "Yeah, he pretty much nailed it."

The complete Chris Finnegan list is here.



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