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23/6 Catches John McCain Giving Shout Outs to His "Comrades" Mike Huckabee Is the Funniest Celebrity in Washington
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From Indecision 2008…

For far too long, the office of vice president has been off-limits to members of the following demographic groups…

* Women

* People with no foreign policy experience

* People who don’t realize that the vice presidents before them did in fact have foreign policy experience

Well watch out, glass ceiling: Sarah Palin is a member of all three groups!  Most notably the last one…

During her interview with ABC News' Charlie Gibson
Thursday, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin attempted to
deflect a question about the fact that she has never met a foreign head
of state by saying that "man" other vice presidential nominees in
history hadn't met a head of state either…

"Have you ever met a foreign head of state?" Gibson asked Palin Thursday.

"I have not," Palin said, "and I think if you back in history and if
you ask that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same
answer that I just gave you."

However Palin, who obtained her first passport two years ago, would
in fact be the first vice president in 32 years who hadn’t met a
foreign head of state, if she were elected.

That's right, Governor.  Even Dan Quayle had done it, (although he needed a Latin translator of course.)

But so what Palin's a little behind the curve on this one? In every
other way, she could fit right in with that old boys club of Al Gore,
Lyndon Johnson and Teddy Roosevelt.

I mean, all those past VPs issued a war threat to Russia in their first national interview, too, right??

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