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5th Annual New York Comedy Festival Site Goes Live Gym Teacher Premieres Tonight
by | comments:

It’s no secret that Tina Fey and Sarah Palin have a lot in common. They both have glasses! They both have hair! Oh, and also, they both are equally experienced to run the country. According to Entertainment Tonight, Saturday Night Live might capitalize on their former writer and cast member’s similarities to the Vice-Presidential candidate.

The New York Post reports that Fey, who left the sketch-comedy
series two years ago, has not agreed to play the role, but the idea has
been talked about.

"There are discussions," 'SNL' executive Lorne Michaels tells the paper.  "They're ongoing."

Personally, I don't think SNL needs to go through all the trouble. They could just get a pig to play Sarah Palin. They just need to put lipstick on it. Is that sexist? I meant to say pit bull. That is a more attractive animal.



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