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Has Google Finally Gone Too Far? Paul Scheer Does Entourage
by | comments:

I always love it when I find out someone I really admire really admires another person I really admire. Yes, it's a confirmation that something I think is great actually probably is great, but it's also an opportunity to see my own muddled half-thoughts expressed by someone who knows what he or she is doing. You know, like Abraham Lincoln's famous fan letters to Albert Einstein. This blog-post by Patton Oswalt extolling the virtues of Brian Regan is pretty much the post-Cold War equivalent of that. Here's a taste:

Honestly, Brian Regan's THE BEST stand-up working today. Period.
Nothing against Chappelle, CK, Attell and Bamford. Well, Maria Bamford
comes close. Oh, and I'd put Sean Cullen up there, too.

Come to
think of it, Brian Regan and Maria Bamford have reached the same zenith
of creativity and originality, but in wildly different ways.

lesser comedians (like me) spend most of our waking hours ignoring the
mundane, forgettable, boring and commonplace because, well, we need to

It's the Borges idea of recognizing and preserving everything that's not Inferno.

Brian and Maria are the only ones, as far as I can see, who can
purchase laundry detergent, endure the presence of someone dull and
unoriginal, and waste their time on trivialities and amusements, and
FIND THE INFINITE. It's the exotic bird all comedians are secretly
chasing — the unveiling of an actuality. Except Brian and Maria can
find actualities in annoyances.

Brian Regan's comedy stuns me.
It stuns me because he can start down the road with a premise that
EVERY COMEDIANS KNOWS has not one scrap of flesh left on its bones, and
find a new angle of attack that yields prime cuts of comedic meat.
Angel fuck, that was a sweaty analogy. But you get the idea.

Be sure to read the full post. And if you missed Brian Regan: The Epitome of Hyperbole, you can catch an encore presentation tomorrow night at 10pm EDT.



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