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Congrats to Daily Show, Colbert Report and South Park for Emmy Wins! Turns Out John Oliver Is British
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Amy Poehler starts a web-series to help improve the self-esteem of teen girls. [Wired]

How did Tony Blair do on last nights The Daily Show? [BBC]

Ben Stiller talks about the absurdity of actors taking themselves to seriously. [Guardian]

As soon as I can afford the ring, I will ask this commercial to be my bride. [Videogum]

Courtney Love defends Russell Brand. I'm sure he's delighted. [Entertainment and Showbiz]

Even back in colonial days, the Jersey Shore was the best thing about New Jersey. [College Humor]

In the new Hardly Working, the gang plans their next video. [College Humor]

Jason Segel sings us a pretty song. [Videogum]

Emmy predictions for the comedy categories. [Defamer]

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about The Life and Times of Tim. The creator likes Ricky Gervais and Larry David though, so he wins points. [Metro UK]

Sarah Silverman wants to fuck Obama. [E! Online]

Prep school students mirror South Park in targeting gingers. Is it wrong I find this very funny? [Gawker]

The Colbert Report writer Glenn Eichler teams up with Nick Bertozzi for Original Graphic Novel. It looks great. [MTV Splashpage]

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia interview. Did anyone catch last night's great episodes? [College Humor]

The Life and Times of Tim HBO Prize Pack giveaway. Some great swag being given away! [The Apiary]

Mad Men's Jon "Don Draper" Hamm to host SNL. [New York Magazine]



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