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Comedy Central at Crash Mansion Tonight Show Report: Ms. Foundation Comedy Hour
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While negotiating celebrity impersonators and 90 degree roads in The Land of In-N-Out Burger, I also discovered comedy shows!

One of my favorites was "The Tomorrow Show" held every Saturday midnight (hence the name) at the Steve Allen Theater. Touted as a "bizarre variety show" with "music, comedy, and madness,” it lived up to the hype.

The show I attended last week was hosted by comedy vets Ron Lynch and Janeane "Hussein" Garofalo.

first act was musical guest Billy Goat who played some beautiful music
along to a weird art film that I didn’t understand (therefore, it must
be art).

After that, the lineup was all super funny and awesome female performers including Meghan Parks as a crazed dog trainer, Leslie Tsina, the physically challenging Andie Bolt (don’t miss her Axe for Women commercial), Shonali Bhowmik of Variety Shac, April Hava Shenkman in a mesmerizing cabaret vaudeville routine, Las Poubelles and comedy diva Natasha Leggero.

It was also the live debut of The Country Club, a duo act consisting of Susan Burke and Hari Leigh (you may remember the latter from her SXSW adventures). They're responsible for the web series Unfit Mothers for Sarah Palin. Definitely keep these girls on your radar.

Photo highlights from the show:


Clockwise From Left to Right: Hari Leigh, Ron Lynch, Susan Burke, Some guy I don't know, Janeane H Garofalo.


Meghan Parks holding a monkey (not racist)


April Hava Shenkman, blending the fine American traditions of soliciting donations and mime.


These girls just showed up and demanded stage time – they've got balls!


Joe Six Pack with Megan and Trina of Unfit Mothers for Sarah Palin fame.



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