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Powerful Political Commentary from Tracy Jordan Before They Get Stale: Chris Rock, Theo Von and Tina Fey
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Tina Fey

It might seem like there aren't any labels left to pin on Tina Fey. After all, we already have Tina Fey the genius, Tina Fey the sexy librarian, Tina Fey the sexy librarian genius, Tina Fey the sexy genius librarian and Tina Fey the genius librarian sexy.

Maureen Dowd, however, thought the world could use one more. Here she is with Tina Fey the German in next month's Vanity Fair.

“Tina is not clay,” says Lorne Michaels, the impresario of Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls, and 30 Rock, when I ask him how he helped shape her career. Steve Higgins, an S.N.L. producer, observes, “When she got here she was kind of goofy-looking, but everyone had a crush on her because she was so funny and bitingly mean. How did she go from ugly duckling into swan? It’s the Leni Riefenstahl in her. She has such a German work ethic even though she’s half Greek. It’s superhuman, the German thing of ‘This will happen and I am going to make this happen.’ It’s just sheer force of will.”

As it turns out, the 669-page autobiography of Leni Riefenstahl—chronicling her time as Hitler’s favorite filmmaker and the creation of the propaganda movie Triumph of the Will—is one of Fey’s favorite (cautionary) books. “If she hadn’t been so brilliant at what she did, she wouldn’t have been so evil,” Fey says. “She was like, in the book, ‘He was the leader of the country. Who was I not to go?’ And it’s like, Note to self: Think through the invite from the leader of your country.”

You will go read it now, yes.



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