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Kanye West: Not Humble Yet Jim Florentine Has Made a Career Out of Busting Balls
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Michael Showalter interview. [Twin Cities]

Speaking of which, the current Stella tour is probably their last. [The Apiary]

Colbert writer presents found footage festival. [Seattle PI]

Proof Paul Rudd is not a douchebag. You needed proof? [Ricky Van Veen]

Flight of The Conchords Season 2 to premiere on Funny or Die December 21st. [Punchline]

For the Colbert Christmas Special, Ben and Jerry offers new Stephen Sundae, donating ice cream to Feed America. [Market Watch]

Simpsons writers Mike Scully and wife Julie Thacker Scully developing new comedy pilot. [THR]

Like all 9-year-olds, this 9-year-old knows more about talking to women than I do. [NY Post]

The recession hits Rich Uncle Moneybags. [College Humor]

Ron White calls his drug arrest a joke. [Review-Journal]



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