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Damon Weaver Should Host Meet the Press Making The Sarah Silverman Program with Lisa Loeb
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South Park has reached a new cultural milestone. Students at Brooklyn College now have the opportunity to study the show in a new media studies class called South Park and Political Correctness.

"It has the pulse of America more than anything else," said [Instructor Brian] Dunphy,

29, who started the 14-week class in the TV and radio department in

September. "It's proof that you can learn from the most unlikely


Scattered throughout the offbeat show are "important messages" on

"very relevant topics," from assisted suicide to religion, Dunphy


"Sometimes you watch and you think, 'This is ridiculous,' " Dunphy

said. "But by the end, without the audience even realizing it, they're

making a point."

I was all ready to crack wise about the idea of watching South Park for a college course, but then I realized I watch South Park for my job, so I should really be starting with the man in the mirror. I'm asking him to change his ways. And no messin' cut a man in a clibber. Know what I mean?



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