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I Liked Children's Hospital So I Put a Ring On It Comedian Teaches Public School Teens To Abstain From Sex, Common Sense
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82549903Brian Regan has fun mining comedy from the mundane. [Lehigh Valley Live]

There are two constants in life. The French are pranksters, and Mario Kart 64 is awesome. [YouTube]

I feel as though all of Tracy Morgan's life is a top moment. Regardless, here's the top 8 Tracy Morgan moments. [COED Magazine]

There's an open submission for kids under the age of 17 to ask Adam Sandler some questions. I hope someone asks why bad things happen to good people. I'm dying to find out. [Reuters]

The Middle East sees growing demand for comedy. [Huffington Post]

Anna Faris will be once, twice, 20 Times a Lady. [Hollywood Reporter]

This year's Sundance Festival has awesome sounding comedies coming out of it's butthole. [USA Today]

Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch are in a new movie together. [Trailer Spy]

John Malkovich, Dr. House and the now humble Kanye West will all stop by SNL this December. [Chicago Tribune]

Die, Sideshow Bob Mexican turnip, Die. That's German for "the Sidehow Bob Mexican Turnip, the." I win the obscure Simpsons reference award for today! [Neatorama]

Barbara Walters finds Tina Fey fascintating. [Videogum]

Jon Stewart and Sarah Silverman listed amongst the 25 Smartest People in TV. Who ever compiled the list deserves a place on the 25 Smartest People Who Make Lists list. [Entertainment Weekly]

Steven Wright inducted into Boston Comedy Hall of Fame. [Punchline Magazine]



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