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I Just J*zzed On My Keyboard I Liked Children's Hospital So I Put a Ring On It
by | comments:

There's a great new technological advancement named iTunes. Apparently, it takes all our phonographical contraptions and transfers them to our computational adding machines. Thank God! I was sick and tired of lugging my player piano onto my horseless carriage for the biweekly hoedown.

Anyway, iTunes compiled a list of the best recordings from funnymen (And funnywomen! What an age we live in!) for the year 2008. Amongst the comedians listed, Robert Kelly, Josh Sneed, and Dov Davidoff all had their Comedy Central Records releases on the list.


You can see the full list as well download the albums with the following direction:

Open your iTunes player. Click on iTunes store. Click on the 2008 iTunes banner. Under music, select the comedy tab. Make your way through the three deadly tests, remembering "Jehovah" was once spelled with an "I" rather than a "J." And viola! You've gained eternal youth and you've also reached the iTunes list of top comedy albums of 2008!



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