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Where Will Bill Murray Show Up Next? I Just J*zzed On My Keyboard
by | comments:


Season 2B of The Sarah Silverman Program ends this week with the season finale, Vow Wow. Watch it now, and by now, I mean Thursday Decmber 4th at 10:30 PM.

In the finale, “Vow Wow,” Sarah mocks Laura's engagement to Jay and the

institution of marriage itself by announcing that she and her dog,

Doug, are betrothed. However, when Doug saves Sarah’s life, their love

becomes all too real. Also, Brian and Steve discover an old pickle jar

that sparks a renaissance in their relationship."

This season has been amazing, and while I'm excited for the finale, I

don't look forward to resorting to desperate measures, namely filming

my own episodes of the show using sock puppets and popsicle stick

people. I need those sock puppets for my feet and the popsicle sticks for my popsicle stick reproduction of Big Ben, but I guess I can hold off on those two until new episodes air.



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