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The Forgotten Heroes of Airport Bathroom Sex John Caparulo Spent Six Weeks in Canada
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Eddie Murphy is going to play The Riddler. This is in no way bullshit. [The Sun]

The cast of Funny People is putting on a comedy show and filming it for their movie. If you're in LA and can attend, I'm jealous of you. [DVD Creation]

Comedy Central picks up web series Secret Girlfriend. [Variety]

An extra on 30 Rock is interviewed for wearing gloves. Why doesn't anyone interview Michael Jackson for wearing that glove since the 80's? [The Apiary]

Congratulations to the College Humor peeps for landing an MTV show. When will CC Insider get it's own MTV show? [College Humor]

Michael Ian Black's children's book Chicken Cheeks featured on the last Michael Showalter Showalter is real? Mind officially blown.  [Random Lunatic News]

Romantic comedies might give you a skewed perspective on relationships. Dammit! I was always hoping I'd fall in love with a Julia Roberts look-a-like prostitute. [BBC News]

Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk with Me had it's run extended. Go see it! [Punchline]

Young people watch less TV. Oops, everyone in TV who exclusively targets young people as their main demographic. [The Live Feed]



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