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Before They Get Stale: Adam Sandler, Katt Williams and Rainn Wilson Are We Douchey Enough to Make Fun of Levi Johnston's Mom?
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Unless a monkey farts on Sarah Palin's boner sometime in the next week and half, it's pretty safe to say the funniest things of 2008 are now behind us. So, we've all taken a long look back at the LOLs that were and narrowed them down to our favorites. Enjoy.

Andrew Ti

Ok, the funniest thing I found in 2008 was the NotoriousBIG twitter, possibly the most amazing fake celebrity Twitter, and single best Thing ever. It's an amazing take on Biggie's modern life, as the possible ghost (it's hinted at, but vague and frankly pretty irrelevant), as he deals with both the contemporary world and the somewhat disappointing turns his closest friends and confidants have taken in the intervening years. My highlights for the year:

At Starbucks bout to try the raspberry. these coffee bitches need to get shit straight. aint nobody comin back here with no grape syrup. 10:35 AM Nov 7th

On The Financial Markets

Poppa dont need no Coogi budget. fuck smithbarney and fuck my financial adviser. 3:31 PM Nov 24th

His Old Crew
listening to puffy talk about his skin 3:51 PM Aug 13th
listening to puffy talk about vodka 3:58 PM Aug 7th
havin a blue raspberry icee with Method Man. 3:00 PM Aug 4th
havin lunch with damon dash @ some place called "bliss." what the fuck is a gluten? 12:21 PM Jul 24th

On Ma$e
avoiding Ma$e's calls 10:55 PM Sep 15th

Gonzalo Cordova

In my humble opinion, the funniest thing that happened this year was the tail end of the writers' strike. I don't find the strike itself funny. It's never funny when my favorite people on earth don't do what they are my favorite for. That last sentence proves my writing skills haven't gone on strike.

Regardless, the writers' strike forced many to find unique and creative ways to show their support. Amongst my favorites are Conan O'Brien's antics, displaying his time wasting skills, being entertaining, yet also clearly illustrating why writers are important. Without them most shows would just be ring spinning.

Never one for subtlety, Stephen Colbert showed his support for the writers in a completely different manner. He hired a gospel choir to help him demonstrate his solidarity. Jon Stewart grew a strike unibrow and changed The Daily Show's name to A Daily Show. Of course, these three hosts were smart enough to start collaborating, even transcending channels to engage in one giant brawl.

The writers themselves also made some amazing videos, each one proving their talents are worth the price. My favorite video came from two Colbert writers and features David Cross dressed as a scab kitten.

I think we can all agree the best moment of the whole writers' strike debacle came when the writer's came back. Seriously, don't ever leave us again!

Matt Tobey

That's a good one Gonzalo, but the funniest thing I saw in 2008 was your face. Just kidding. It was Andrew's face. Just kidding. It was Bill O'Reilly's face and body and soul in the infamous Inside Edition meltdown video. But before I defend my selection, I'd like to give an honorable mention nod to the XZibit meme. You see, I like the funniest things of 2008, so I put a pick for the funniest thing of 2008 inside my pick for the funniest thing of 2008, so I can pick the funniest thing of of 2008 while I pick the funniest thing of 2008.

As I was saying, the Bill O'Reilly freakout video is amazing. And it's amazing for a lot of reasons. Obviously, it makes for great schadenfreude. Bill O'Reilly is a fat-faced douchebag, so it will always be fun to see unpleasant things happen to him. But the exceptional thing about this video is we all already thought Bill O'Reilly was the most insolent and repulsive man alive, but after this video, we don't have to think it anymore, because now we know it. O'Reilly's behavior in this clip is frankly too over-the-top for parody even, which is another great reason for its existence. Because if it wasn't based on reality, Stephen Colbert's brilliant parody of the tape probably would have seemed too unbelievable to be funny.

Dustin Chinn

A professional football player walks into a nightclub wearing sweat pants and shoots himself in the leg after mistaking his elastic waistband as a holster. You can't write this shit.

Karen Lurie

I spent most of 2008 in a political haze as a blogger for Indecision, and I realized it really WAS a haze when the first thing that came to my mind for this gig was something involving Sarah Palin. Sure, this falls into the "funny by accident" category, but what the hell: Right before Thanksgiving, Palin was interviewed at a turkey farm while a murder most fowl (yeah, I said it) went on behind her:

The camera-person letting this roll without repositioning her, the slaughterer cheerfully going about his bloody bizness while occasionally looking up at the camera (I was hoping for a "thumbs up", but no such luck) and the sheer length of the thing all added up to my losing my shit when I saw this. It was the perfect catharsis after having spent months thinking/writing/"what-the-fuck"ing about this woman.

Dennis DiClaudio

Jeez, I'm just having the hardest time thinking about anything at all funny that happened in 2008. I mean, it was a really boring year. What even happened these past twelve months?

Okay, there was that election. But, man, what a snoozefest that was. Ya know what I mean? Like, really, did anything even vaguely interesting come out of that. I suppose that joke about the lipstick on the pitbull that Sarah Palin made was sort of funny. But that's really the only sort of funny thing that I can remember coming out of her mouth. She was pretty much business all the way.

Usually, you can at least count on the Clintons to shake things up and do stuff that comedians can mock. But not in 2008. Bill Clinton was on his best behavior, not even making one outrageous claim about how Barack Obama's race was the driving factor in his popularity amongst voters. And Hillary Clinton? How can you even begin to make fun of a war hero like her with such amazing late-night phone-answering skills.

This would be such an easier thing to write if it were about the most inspiring moments of 2008. There are tons of them. Like Rudy Giuliani's fantastic campaign strategies (Did you know that he was somehow involved with September 11th?). Or the small and quiet but eminently reasonable following that Ron Paul managed to acquire for himself. John McCain's deft, last-minute healing of the American economy. Keith Olbermann's sober, thoughtful news reporting. Fred Thompson's bombastic, energizing and inspirational political rhetoric (not to mention his lithe and beautiful neck). Every single little thing about Dennis Kucinich. I would have a hard time picking the most inspirational moment from all that.

But if I had to pick the funniest thing that happened in 2008, I guess I'd have to go with when that guy put a hamster on a piano. I mean, really, what business does a hamster have being on a piano?! That's so silly!

David Nagler

I was surprised Matt didn't take this one, since he actually witnessed it in person (maybe it was still "too soon"), but the funniest thing I saw this year was the uncut roast of Bob Saget by Norm Macdonald.

Norm's performance reminded me of Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner. In the way that Colbert supposedly "bombed badly," I imagine the same could be said about Norm — you can certainly hear it in the audience's reluctantly polite laughter.

But Norm's performance is brilliant, as he tells one horrible punchline after another, even botching a few along the way. Just watch the reaction of Roast regular Greg Giraldo when he realizes that Norm is doing a parody of a roast right before his and everyone else's eyes.

I was crying hysterically the first few times I watched it, but as I've learned in trying to spread this one around, it's not for all tastes. Start with Part 1 — and then decide if Part 2 and Part 3 are your thing. If they are, you're very welcome.

Eric March

2008 was filled with stuff that made me mad — the totally predictable and completely undeserved critical orgasm over The Dark Knight, puzzled/proud — Hillary Clinton's Sopranos video filmed in my hometown diner, and thrilled — the implosion of Broadway over the corpses of Spamalot, 13 and Young Frankenstein.

But the funniest thing that happened in 2008? That would have to be the highly underrated Step Brothers. Widely trashed by the same jagoffs who made "duality" my least favorite word of July, its lack of a coherent plot is more than made up for by its abundance of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly trying their hardest to crack each other up. The film's also got two great, easy-to-overlook cameos by Horatio Sanz as the front man of an 80s-only Billy Joel cover band and Rob Riggle as a guy who eats penis. A close second would be the final chapter (?) of the Colbert/Rain feud, but I'm not going to turn this blog post into a house ad on $4 an hour.

So there, blogosphere. I just shat on The Dark Knight and gave Step Brothers a hand job. Come and get me.

Julie Ann Pietrangelo

When I look back on the "funniest" of 2008, I have to think about the things that made me snort, cackle, bang on my desk, call others to come look over my shoulder, and ultimately forwarded out to my mom. I'm the one who hired all the writers you see on this and the Indecision blog, so what kind of boss would I be if I didn't think my employees were the most hilarious farters that ever logged into Typepad?

The three funniest things I've seen this year are:

Karen Lurie's Alan Keyes Fan Poster

Matt Tobey's "Monocles/Orphans/Unicorns" Blog Post

Dennis DiClaudio's Short Play About John McCain Being Booed

Special mention to Gonzalo Cordova** for his animated gif of Barney the dog being thrown at Bush.

**Gonzalo is still new and young and fresh and happy, so he loses 10 points and is automatically disqualified to make this list.



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