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10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008 All I Want for Christmas (Is To Get Crunk)
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Woody Allen hopes to return to comedy with a film set in the Paris. Is he directing Ratatouille 2? Only time will tell. [AFP]

Jim Florentine (a.k.a Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher from Crank Yankers) has to worry about being sued when he prank calls. [Fairfield Weeky]

Jim Carrey believes a "shift in the paradigm [is] out there, from cynicism to faith, and [a] belief in a good future." [Hindu]

Very early review of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's I Love You, Man predicts a winner. [First Showing]

Warner Bros. sues CBS over Two and a Half Men. Can I sue them too? [Reuters]

Stephen Chow might be off Green Hornet completely, but he wants to make an original superhero comedy starring Jack Black. [MTV's Splash Page]

It's a Wonderful Life has untold depths as evidenced by the numerous links I've found about it recently. [New York Times, Neatorama, McSweeney's, Portfolio, and Videogum]

Chris Tucker personally delivers gifts to underprivileged kids. Santa is real and he's Chris Tucker-shaped. [WSBTV]

Twisted Sister performing Oh, Come All Ye Faithful. This Christmas, do get it twisted. Merry Christmas, everyone! [MySpace]



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