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A few weeks ago I linked to Patton Oswalt's review of Punisher: War Zone. The movie sounded amazing, the review was hilarious and Patton declared "Is This Happening" a new film genre.

And when you're talking about the most outrageous "Is This Happening" movies, you can pretty much assume Jason Statham is in like all of them. So it makes a lot of sense that Patton put up a new blogpost this week about how amazing every single Jason Statham movie is.

I look forward to any new film by Ang Lee, David Gordon Green, Paul

Thomas Anderson, The Coen Brothers, Paul Greengrass or Ross McElwee.


now, Jason Statham. I don't know how much say he has in the films he

makes. But I get the impression that he reads the scripts. And if the

script doesn't make him want to drive a bulldozer through a cake store,

I'll bet he punches the script through a wall.

Patton then proceeds to describe how Jason Statham might have improved some of this year's Oscar contenders. The whole post is as hilarious as it is right.

I hope if I ever get injected with a poison that will kill me in an hour if I don't keep my adrenaline up, I hope I at least live long enough to see a Jason Statham/Patton Oswalt buddy action movie.



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