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The State Reunites, Dispenses Wisdom to Flock Controversy: Jason Statham Fan Blog Calls Aziz Ansari Out
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The Big Gay Sketch Show is now casting for the chance to win a guest spot on Season 3.  Users submit videos and profiles, and viewers vote them to the top. [Big Gay Sketch Show]

The Amy Poehler's new show finally has a name, Public Service, because what else sounds more entertaining and inviting than a government profession? [Ace Showbiz]

Speculation suggests Ricky Gervais might be going vegetarian, but he's British, so it doesn't count. Over there, blood pudding is a vegetable. [Ecorazzi]

In the court of cool, Eugene Mirman vindicates himself of all wrongdoing. Also, "the court of cool" is the least cool thing I've ever written, and I should be held in contempt. [Decider]

I have never been rejected ever. Therefor, Jon Friedman's book, Rejected, is of no interest to me. But it might interest some of you out there… Losers. [The Huffington Post]

Things I've deduced from this short 30 Rock preview: Jon Hamm plays Tina Fey's love interest (duh!). He is not playing Don Draper using a time machine (sigh). [Videogum]

Meryl Streep might be on 30 Rock. Finally, a celebrity shows up on that show. I'm so tired of not having very famous people appear on that show. SARCASM, ladies and gents! [NY Daily News]

From his experience on Funny People, RZA says "Seth Rogen could be an MC. He freestyles his jokes." [MTV Blog]

This Friday, Bill Hick's famous Letterman unaired set finally airs. Censorship finally loses forevever, motherf*ckers! [The Comic's Comic]



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